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I grew up in Rhodesia which later became Zimbabwe and worked for the national television services. I enjoyed my time as a cameraman and lighting cameraman, working on a wide assortment of programming. I later had the opportunity to direct and produce my own show called “Off The Beaten Track” It did win an award for me and helped me realize that I do need to create in order to feel really fulfilled.

 In my spare time I was playing and studying at the Bulawayo Academy of Music. I joined a few groups like the Steamrollers, Merge and for a while played as part of a duo called Juan and Earl . (My name is Juan Basson) but I use the musical nom de plume Calen Varga. 

One of the purposes of this site is to possibly inspire others to compose, play and generally express themselves in whatever way seems fitting for them. It is enormously therapeutic to say the least and as you guessed, sometimes very frustrating.

My hobbies include yoga, Tai Chi, jogging and hiking in the Colorado backwoods. I love a good movie, usually comedy or a story based on true events and love Sci-Fi. Fi. I am a Trekkie, love Star Wars, Cocoon etc. and am a closet astronomer. I believe we are part of a much larger cosmic scene than we may realize.


All the best with your own creations and let me know how they are evolving



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